Goldbuch Georg Brückner GmbH – A story from the past with a lot of future

Goldbuch is one of the leading European producers of photo albums, paper and stationery products. Our successful combination of tradition with modern design in our products over a century has led Goldbuch Georg Brückner GmbH to become the company it is today - a family run business in the fourth generation. In recent years, Goldbuch has been able to disproportionately improve its position in the German photo albums and stationery market. Also Goldbuch has been able to strengthen its position in the area of exports. Stationery, department stores, suppliers and retailers as well as photographic agencies are among Goldbuch's satisfied customers. Nowadays the company employs around sixty workers at its main offices and more than thirty employees working from home.

A history with a future

Goldbuch creates high quality paper and stationery products - from people for people. After all, our wide and diverse collection of products are thought to keep your most precious moments during your lifetime: from birth (baby albums and baby diaries) through childhood and adolescence (friendship books, communion and confirmation) and as an adult (wedding and holiday albums, home office supplies) and in later life (christening and albums of grandchildren, books of condolence).

The whole manufacturing process, from the original idea to the finished product, is carried out in Bamberg, the home of this "house of tradition". All the different departments throughout the company work closely together, creating an effective synergy. This healthy environment creates a smooth flow between the production and the administration processes, leading in just advantages for our partners. We are specially happy when a customer has an individual wish and we can make it true. The daily production processes have been made simpler and more effective thanks to the introduction of modern production machinery. Nevertheless, Goldbuch keeps always its high quality handmade production standard – taking special attention to every detail. Please, follow the link to know more about our philosophy.