Manufacturing process

The production of photo albums and high quality stationery products “made in Germany” takes place in Bamberg. Goldbuch would like to invite you to have a look into our virtual tour, so you can experience the main three steps in the production of Goldbuch photo albums: the “production of the blocs”, “production of the covers” and “binding”.

Step one: production of the blocks

Goldbuch stores a huge volume of meter high paper rolls to ensure, even for big orders, the availability of this material. A special machine produces blocks out of these rolls, which will be the “heart” of the photo album. Afterwards the blocks are stored in a middle warehouse to continue with the production process according to order request.

Step two: production of the covers

With the book cover manufacturing machine, solid and robust photo albums are manufactured out of several top quality raw materials. This machine is part of the latest technology machine made in Germany for this purpose.

Step three: binding of the photo albums

The standard sizes 24x24cm, 27x31cm, 30x31cm as well as 34x35cm are bound mechanically. This task is carried out by the modified KOLBUS binder, which is able to produce around 2.500 photo albums per day. Several employees operate along with this machine in order to guarantee a professional and perfect binding of the block with the book cover.

A lot of handmade work and final production steps

Although modern machinery makes a big part of the manufacturing process easier, the main part of the production is handmade work. Some parts of the production are manufactured by homeworkers and others in workplaces specially equipped where fabric lamination, decoration of photo albums with accessories, pictures, medallions or even the binding of smaller photo albums will be manufactured with passion for the detail. Also the spiral and the post bound albums are accordingly turned and screwed manually. This operational method guarantees the most perfect and accurate production possible. Afterwards, the product will be packed and sealed, labelled and finally stored in the warehouse or directly delivered to the customer.