High quality photo albums and stationary "made in Germany" – this is what Goldbuch Georg Brückner GmbH stands for since 1907. This family run business produces the most part of the collection in Bamberg, World Heritage city of the UNESCO. Our products are designed to keep the most precious moments a lifetime: from birth (baby albums and baby diaries) through childhood and adolescence (friendship books, communion and confirmation) and as an adult (wedding and holiday albums, home office supplies) to later life (golden wedding albums, books of condolence).

Photo Albums

Classic analog photo albums are very trendy! A stylish album with a most beautiful design, made of prime materials and offering the opportunity to later add more pictures, spontaneous availability when friends and family are swinging by and with lots of room for creativity and individuality. Select your analog archive for the best shots and memories in our current album catalogue.


Goldbuch stands for finest stationary products. Whether it be guest books, poetry albums, diaries, baby diaries, notebooks, ring binders, folders, filing systems for the home office, gift boxes, gift wrap paper or many more – you can put together your personal success assortment out of our vast product range and provide your customers a fitting solution for their individual demands. Please have a look into our stationary catalogue.

Collection Turnowsky by Goldbuch

Collaborations can create something really NEW. But when collaboration is between two world-class companies like Goldbuch and Turnowsky the NEW appears as truly OUTSTANDING. Together, with a dedication to artistic thinking and the passion for prime materials and craftsmanship, we create not just products, but objects of desire to fall in love with, delightful boutique accessories, refined with intricate gold, silver and relief embossing. Let yourself be enchanted by unique colors and illustrations in our album catalogue (pdf download) and stationary catalogue.

Picture Frames

Goldbuch products are the place to keep the many beautiful and special moment of a lifetime. These moments deserve a very special frame. In our collection you will find modern top-quality and elegant picture frames that add style to everyday life. From trendy portrait and gallery frames to a great variety of designs for special events such as wedding or baby birth. Convince yourself and take a look into our frame catalogue.

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